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Disinfection and Sanitization

We provide treatment for viruses and bacteria. In the wake of COVID-19, it has been strongly
advised to sanitize all facilities. Our experts are working closely with all clients for their facility disinfestation with chemical solutions using ULV machines to ensure the disinfection of every nook and corner. Stay Safe

Water tank cleaning

We specialize in cleaning all types of water storage tanks of any specification for potable water, covering concrete, plastic, poly, fiber glass and GI water tanks. We use our unique system to remove sediment build up from the tank bottom and guarantee clean, clear and safe water for consumption.

Cleaning services

We carry out building cleaning, pressure washing, lawn services, floor services, carpet and upholstery cleaning and tile & natural cleaning among others. We also undertake cleaning contracts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and provide customized service packages for specific needs of customer.

Tank cleaning

We carry out cleaning in better ways, If the water is very hard and high in TDS, then sedimentation will happen more often. In such cases more than one annual water tank cleaning is required.This whole process probably take around 4-6 hours but it’s worth doing for the health of your family and loved ones.

Facilities Management services

We have carved out a unique and distinct position in the market by offering a wide assortment of Facility Management Services to the customer; basic materials for these services are procured from authentic and reliable resources. These services are handled by expert’s team who has rich industry experience and skill.

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