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8 tips to get rid of bedbugs

Bedbugs are a permanent source of discomfort and unhealthy living conditions. No one should ever compromise in their presence and must seek remedies for bedbug control dubai. They are fully capable of giving your body itches while breeding inside their hideouts to grow into manifolds. That’s why we have lined up 8 great tips to get rid of these annoying creatures effectively and permanently.  

Identify the problem areas

Before starting your hunt, identify the problem areas such as bedding, sofas, and mattresses for bugs. Since the tiny creatures are hard to catch, look closely at the in-seams, gaps, and zippers of the cushion, sofas, or bed. If you find black spots in these areas, then you probably have a bed bugs infestation. If you are staying in a hotel or any other rental, you must inspect the bedding before finalizing the payment and ask for a change of bedding or the room.

Check the luggage

If you want to avoid bed-bug infestation, check the luggage after vacations to look for the bed bugs. The bugs hiding in the luggage can gain access to your house and rooms.

Expose to heat

To kill bed bugs, expose bed bugs to a temperature higher than 60°C for 15-20 minutes. Higher temperatures are known to kill bed bugs effectively. If you are living in Dubai, you can also take out your bedding to an open area to place it under direct sunlight. Or else seek the services of professional pest controllers that have high-temperaturesteams to kill the bugs.

Be careful of using shared laundry

If you are using shared laundry services while living in a hotel or complex, be mindful about washing your clothes with those of other people. Though you may not have bed bugs in your home, you unknowingly provide bed bugs a safe passage to your house through mixed laundries.

Be careful of pre-loved items

Many people opt for second-hand furniture and other household items to reduce costs. The trick may be cost-effective but be careful of letting bed bugs enter your house while hiding in the used stuff.

Bug-proof encasement for bedding

You can get bedbug-proof encasements to restrain the movement of bed bugs. It is especially ideal for travelers who make stops at several hotels and inns to spend the night.

Seek professional help

If all methods fail to get rid of bed bugs, don’t hesitate to reach out to the commercial pest control dubai like JPC. The professional services have special tools, products, expertise and strategies to effectively use against bed bugs to get you rid of them effectively & safely.

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