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Founded in 1978, Jumeira Pest Control Services (JPC) has dedicated itself to the highest quality of customer service. Currently, JPC provides customers with the highest level of pest control services in dubai using the most up to date technologies and procedures available to this industry. JPC employs these measures to ensure a safe and effective Pest Free Environment for our customers.

JPC is one of the highly-rated pest management service companies best pest contol in dubai registered with the Dubai Municipality Public Health Pest Control Section (DMPHPCS). We carry out the corona Disinfection and Sanitization Services.

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We are ranked among the Top 5 Pest Control Service companies by Dubai Municipality


Pest Control

JPC deploys well trained and licensed pest control operators to protect your premises from pests infestations.


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JPC continually updates its services with Industry Best Practice Technology with Comprehensive pest management solutions available today.



JPC offers fully comprehensive treatments to residential, food processing units, health care centers, warehousing, maritime, catering, commerce, govt & public services etc..

The coordinated use of knowledge about pests, the environment, and proof pest control strategies to prevent and manage pest infestations is known as integrated pest management (IPM). Pests require food, moisture, and a safe haven. By removing these, you may begin to tackle the pest infestation in a sustainable manner.

Inspect and monitor for insect activity in all sections of the building. Monitoring is necessary in IPM even when no pests are present. Pay close attention to places in each residential unit that might offer pests with meal, water, or refuge. Examine monitoring equipment to assess the size of the issue and any variables that may impact control attempts. There is no pests or tips for prevention? There is no action required; simply report that there have been no pests, check that the monitor is operational, and you are finished. Call the best pest control company in Dubai!

Identify any pests seen on a screen or evidence discovered during an inspection. Knowing which pests are available and the number of pests allows you to tailor treatments to what will work best rather than employing a “one size fits all” approach.

The activity threshold is the highest pest population that may be tolerated at a given time and location without causing harm to people, property, or the environment. You and your Pest – control Professional should agree on action thresholds for pests identified on your property, as well as a high, medium, and low degree of infestation – and these are the observations of the top 10 best companies in UAE. 

It is critical to restrict access to food, moisture, and shelter. In IPM observed by pest control companies in UAE, the first way to protect is good maintenance and cleaning. Use two or even more control techniques that work together to remove an infestation and prevent another.

Did your intervention strategies bear fruit? Your achievement will be confirmed by paperwork, monitoring, and follow-up inspections, including interviews with inhabitants. After the infestation has been eradicated and any contributing issues have been resolved, the region may resume its normal inspection and monitoring routine.

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To help protect you and your family’s health, lifestyle, and property by delivering affordable pest management solutions to control the pests in your environment effectively and safely.

Pest Control Dubai Cost


To maintain our unusually high standards, we have designed Total Pest Management System based on integrated pest management System and a full time Quality Control Manager.

Pest Control Dubai Cost


Each Customer Service Staff member is trained in all areas of our treatment services and can answer most of your questions on the spot. Backed by an efficient, smart booking system.

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Jumeira Pest Control

JPC is one of the Top-rated pest management service companies approved by Dubai Municipality Public Health Pest Control Section (DMPHPCS).

44 Years Of Excellence

JPC provides customers with the highest level of pest control services in Dubai using the most up to date Industry technologies & procedures for last 44 years

Very Competitive Rates

JPC ensures a safe and effective Pest Control Service at reasonable cost.

Quality Approved Pesticides

JPC uses Human & Environment friendly & safe Pesticides approved by UAE Ministry of Environment & Climate Change and Dubai Municipality

24/7 Customer Service

JPC provides 24/7 coverage to its valuable customers in case any Business or life threatening emergency is there.

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